Proven eCommerce Strategies to Grow Your Business


eCommerce can be a wild but very rewarding venture. It takes time for some to rise, but there are some who gallop forward with incredible speed. If you wonder what exactly the eCommerce managers do to shine out, you have to know how the whole phenomenon works; for alluring customers learning to create content, or simply understanding what others are doing that works, here are some Proven eCommerce Strategies to Grow Your Business.

Learn to target

Research on the product you’re selling and ask who is most likely to buy them. Each kind of product has certain factors which strike different consumers. Try to find out your target and then lay out an excellent marketing plan. Social media sites like Facebook allow you to target specific age groups and interest sets, so as to get better value for your return. Google uses advanced keyword advertising, where people will see your advertisement whenever they type in a specific product. YouTube is another way you can target specific customers, because of its “related videos recommendation” feature.

Create parallel content

Content is extremely necessary when it comes to attracting a genuine crowd from search engines. Content should not only be related to the products you are selling but also should be meaningful and informative. If you are selling ties, you can create content about the history of ties, or the use of ties in different cultures, fashion related to ties, etc. It helps Google understand what your website is about and then traffic growth becomes a cakewalk.

Amalgamate channels

Now spreading your wings on social media is crucial. You need to have your online presence on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You will have a scattered traffic base, and you need to connect them all together. This is extremely important; it will reshuffle not only your existing base between your different channels but also attract new sets of crowds. Integrate all your social media presence through your website, and find an easy way to boost your followers. Remember, the more followers you have, the more preference you get from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Create an app

An app is like the best invention since sliced bread. It’s simple to use, it’s clutter-free, it’s personalized, and it creates long-term impact. With your app, people will subconsciously remember your logo, as it’s always in the backdrop of their Smartphone. This is marketing like a boss, and apps are the best way to invade your customers thinking. Moreover, an app lets you design your own layout and give your signature style into the shopping experience. If you can create an app that does things simply and smoothly, be prepared for a long flight to success.

Subscribe and attract

You can use subscriptions to leverage your growth. Ask your visitors to subscribe to your website for future newsletters. In eCommerce, you will need it later. That’s guaranteed. You can pass on price reductions, festive discounts easily to the visitors and expect some return sales from them. It works like a charm and is the key to most success stories.

Image power

A picture speaks a thousand words. And it’s true everywhere, from YouTube thumbnails to advertising gimmicks. So why not use the power of pictures? Get the best pictures of your products in a very friendly and sales format. You can go in for professional help, and create a portfolio of all your products at once. Also make sure to include multiple images, including close-ups as they help genuine customers decide on the quality. Shady pictures give birth to distrust, and it’s bad for business.


The main idea is to reward the people who once buy something from you. Cashback or loyalty points are ingenious ways to trap your customers into a cycle of buying spree. You don’t give them cash for every purchase, but you can invent your own “currency” and use it for further discounts.

The bulk advantage

Play to the market forces and offer huge discounts on bulk purchase. Advertise your discount schemes effectively, and there is always someone who needs things in bulk. For example, if you are selling basketballs, you can always get visitors from schools, college, or neighborhood communities. They will be looking for bulk purchase, and if you can strike the right chord, then it’s a huge sale at once. Structure your statistics and your profits and allow the maximum reduction you can. There is always someone watching your prices.


The reviews section is a very crucial area to improve the trustworthiness of your eCommerce website. They give a voice to your customers, and people love to know the actual feedback from other clients. If you feel your clients are very satisfied with their purchasing experience, you should create a simple page to display reviews for each product. It’s easy to create and will go a long way in ensuring the transparency of your brand.

Product recommendations

This is one of the most important things in eCommerce, which the traditional shops fail to achieve. You can bombard your visitors with similar products of the same kind, and create a competition among your products only. This will focus their attention on your website only, and keep them engaged for long. Don’t be too salesy, just a little touch of recommendation here and there. Once they get into the habit of clicking on your recommendations, it’s good for you.

Choice of logistics

This is crucial, and it’s purely based on personal research. You should do a background check of the logistics company’s reputation in all the areas you want to serve. Logistics is very heterogeneous in terms of geography. Check out the delay policy, success rate, reverse-delivery policy, insurance, etc. before choosing a logistics. The logistics service will provide the last-mile delivery and will interact with the customer directly. Hence, choose your options wisely.


Variety is the spice of life. And it’s also true for your eCommerce website. But with great variety comes great confusion. Arrange your products neatly and invest in making a quality interface. Putting the right product in the right category will give your viewers a stress-free environment to spend their money. Remember, people shop to feel good about themselves. Mold your website, and in turn, the shopping experience will become a hassle-free and fun experience. Your customers will return to you happily.

Transparency and fair-practice

It’s always advisable to create/sell good and genuine products and put in place a fair return policy. Just by putting the option to return will create a certain amount of trust for your website, and as we all know trust is the key to succeeding in any business. The buyer may return a product then try out a different product, rather than abandoning the purchase right up front because of no return option. Statistics show that even with a substantial number of returns, eCommerce stands to profit because a majority of people don’t return good products. In case they do, think of it as the cost of establishment, or rent you would have to shell out in the case of a brick-and-mortar store.


These are just the basic baby steps you need to take and implementing them will be the real challenge. If you want to grow your eCommerce business, you have to take these roads. You can always creatively do things your way, and that’s the Holy Grail in this industry. The personal touch into doing the usual things is what makes your end piece a masterpiece. Slowly and gently try to implement as many as these points as you can, and you will never see your sales going south.

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