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So you have done your research, and according to the numbers you see, eCommerce represents the best possible opportunity for you to make real money online. You know you need to create a world-class platform; you know you need to promote your brand and you are aware that you need to find ways to scale up your business in the next 5 years. You also know that with the kind of technology in existence today, you could well start your eCommerce store in just under an hour. Everything is set. Now all that remains is for you to decide what it is you are going to sell. And therein lies the problems; places to find product ideas for your Ecommerce business.

According to online sales Gurus, it is often best to sell that which you are passionate about. But what if your passion is just ‘chilling’? What then? How can you package that into a sellable product? The truth is that selling your passion may not be the most practical piece of advice if your passion isn’t something that solves a common communal problem. At this point, you need to find real products to promote online. So how do you do that?

Ideal Places to Find Product Ideas for Your Ecommerce Business

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Go offline

It might sound counterintuitive but one of the best places to find great ideas for things to sell online is offline. What you need to realize is that eCommerce is just the regular old brick and mortar business model without the brick and mortar. Yes, some brick and mortar ideas simply would not work online, but then, there are some that just might.

Look around you. What is it that your local store offers its clientele that you know for a fact people would buy online? What is it that your local brick and mortar businesses sell that could use an upgrade into the convenience of online purchasing and shipping? There is a good chance that you have already asked yourself once or twice why such a thing can’t just be ordered online from the comfort of your home. This way you wouldn’t have to drive down to the store and queue with all those people.

Try and find those products that often need to be pre-ordered and that take days to deliver. These are perfect for an eCommerce store since it is the same business model anyway.

Keep an eye out for trends

It is all about the masses. In this era of social media, there is rampant mass euphoria and a high degree of ‘group mentality’ purchases going on online. As long as one of those popular people on Instagram or Facebook say it’s cool, you can bet that the masses will buy. Keep an eye out for such kinds of trends. The best thing is that you do not have to sell the exact thing that is trending; you can base your business on selling things that capitalize on that trend. For example, since the whole world is going crazy about the iPhone 7, you could decide to either sell those or you could sell iPhone 7 screen protectors or cellphone cases. As long as it is somehow related to the trend, you will always find a market for it. You could also check Google Trends, Springwise, Trend Hunter or Trend Watching for the latest and most sellable trends online.

Look at the comments and shares that product curators get

Product curators are an interesting source of product ideas. If you ever find yourself missing ideas on what to sell online, all you have to do is follow a few product curators. Soon enough, you will have the most eclectic of product choices from which you can choose. Not only are they a fantastic source of unique ideas, but by looking at the number of comments and shares on the various products, you will get a good idea of what most people want out there. It will also direct you towards your potential market. Uncrate, Bless this Stuff, Gear Moose, This is why I’m broke, and Firebox are all excellent product curators to follow.


Get social

Social media has made it much easy for us to eavesdrop on each other. All you have to do is check out what is trending on all the highly rated platforms for you to get the best product ideas. When you log in to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes, see what everyone is talking about first. Or you could just follow real influencers to get wind of the next best trends. All in all, keeping tabs on social media will give you ideas on what to sell and who to sell it to.

Study sale statistics from the big eCommerce stores

You should also make it a point to look at all the big eCommerce stores. From Alibaba to eBay, Amazon and TradeKey, these platforms are choke full of product ideas based on what is selling the most. All you have to do is look at the statistics to find out what most people are buying. Not only will that give you an idea as to what you should sell, but it will also give you a great idea as to how much you can make, how to promote your ideas and how to price them. About ecommerce store


It will take a little research and a little persistence, but you have enough statistical data online to help you determine the best possible product to sell in your eCommerce store. Remember this should be a dynamic business. Learn and grow.  Click here ecommerce store

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